Mana Roots fruity lemonades are made of premium fruit juices and concentrates without the use of dyes, aromas or preservatives, so they are suitable also for children. It is an ideal summer refreshment and a combination of delicious and delicate taste of fruit. Taste our refreshing flavors of apple, orange, grapefruit and lemon. You’ll love them!

Orange lemonade

Typical orange lemonade, which by everyone thanks to the balanced taste of orange and lemon juice. Perfect juicy refreshment for every day.

Apple lemonade

The traditional sweet taste of apple juice refined and perfected with pear and lime juice will become your favorite.

Grapefruit lemonade

A unique combination of grapefruit, orange and lemon juice with an excellent and balanced sweer and sour taste. If you have a taste for an excellent healthy alternative to fruit lemonades, we recommend trying this one. You will definitely fall in love with her.

Lemon lemonade

A refreshing combination of the sour taste of lemon with the delicate sweet and sour tropical taste of lime. For lovers of dominant sour taste.