This anti-stress lemonade is made up of beneficial herbs leachate, such as the wild thyme, lemon balm or mint, which will delight your taste buds and bring pleasant satisfaction. The combination of these herbs with apple and lemon juice will take you back to your childhood, to your grandmother´s garden, where stress is a non-existent word for you. Feel the healing power of these herbs. We are sure that you’ll love this drink


The combination of nature and Sudan’s touch in the form of hibiscus flowers. This unusual sweet-tasting touch with other spices and fruit juices is the aromatic flavour of nature. Beautiful untraditional colour achieved by the force of nature with unexpected and interesting taste after the first drink. 

Its sour sweet taste is pleasant in combination with desserts. But don´t worry! This lemonade contains a reduced amount of cane sugar


Natural drink made by own recipe, diverting from other cola drinks, and with its atypical colour and unique taste. Blend of different ratios of herbs, spices, fruit juices, natural, traditionally produced caramel and genuine kola nuts creates an unusual taste experience. The only one cola drink made of kola genuine nuts in the vicinity. Thanks to the use of these nuts, natural caffeine is released during cooking. Its composition represents a wide range of different mysterious tastes that always affect the taste senses. This drink tastes the best when it is chilled.

For unbeatable the lowest sugar content of the cola products is greatly suited to sweet dark alcohol, with lemon slices or just for a drink on a long summer day.


Really natural? Yes, thanks to the use of genuine bark from the quinine tree. This precious tree grows in the Andean Mountains. Our tonic lemonade can be produced by quinine, which is released by cooking this bark. Because our tonic is enriched with lemon grass leachate, the taste is rather lemonade, with a delicate bitterness and a touch of lemon. The unique red-brown natural color obtained from the Quinine Bark is produced without the use of artificial dyes. A non-violent and balanced bitter taste will surely surprise those who do not like tonic due to its bitterness, but on the contrary, it does not hurt even the fans of bitter taste.

It is also suitable for preparing mixed drinks in combination with gin and thyme, home-made lemonade by adding fresh peppermint and lemon, or preparing of the famous espresso tonic.


Natural drink made from premium white tea. In addition, the exotic ingredients of citrus fruits with a strong ginger juice. Premium white tea enriches this drink with a pleasant honey taste while ginger adds a spicy taste. White tea compared to green or black tea contains a negligible amount of natural caffeine. On the other hand, it is an excellent elixir of youth because it contains rejuvenating substances and a lot of antioxidants.

Ideal for mixed drinks, such as vodka with a piece of ice, lemon and lavender. Reduces blood pressure in regular drinking.


Natural lemonade is produced by the leachate of the quality Yearba Maté, which is characterized by its beneficial effects on the human organism in the form of a caffeine bomb and several antioxidants, minerals or amino acids. Yearba Maté has been used in South America as a primary healing plant for centuries. It enhances the ability to concentrate, physical endurance, supports cardiovascular health, and many other things. Together with lime juice is an excellent refreshment and great energy for your day.

We certainly recommend combining our lemonade with vodka and basil in the form of a non-traditional mixed drink or as an alternative to energy drinks for long parties of the evening.